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The new Darkmoon Faire

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World of Warcraft

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Stand: 03.02.2012

The new Darkmoon Faire

Once you arrive on the Darkmoon Island, you should pay a visit to Kerri Hicks first and pick up the quest Prove your strength. You now have 7 days to collect the 250 Grisly Trophy. These will automatically land in your inventory when you lead the Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide with you, the quest quest quest, and defeat enemies that will give you honor or experience.

If you are unable to reach the required number by your usual playing, it is advisable to farm the remaining trophies in icecrown at coordinates 66/67. The opponents there are level 80 non-elite, falling around like the flies and respawn quite quickly again.

If you do not have the adventure guide, you can get it again at Selina Sauermann. However, it is advisable to keep it when the Dark Moon year is over. Darkmoon artefacts and trophies are also available when access to the Darkmoon Island is not open.

A total of 9 different darkmoon artifacts can be given once per week at Professor Thaddeus Paleo. The Fallen Adventurer's Journal,Banner of the Fallen, and Captured Insignia are obtained by looting the bodies of opposing players. The three artifacts each start a quest, which will give you a 250 reputation for the Darkmoon Faire and 5 Win Losses and will be required to complete the Darkmoon Defender and Darkmoon Despoiler achievements.

The Imbued Crystal, the Monstrous Egg, the Mysterious Grimoire, and the Ornate Weapon drops randomly for bosses in dungeons. The Soothsayer's Runes dropps random on raid bosses. These five artifacts each start a quest that will give you 250 Reputation at the Darkmoon Faire and 10 Win, and will be required to complete the Darkmoon Dungeoneer and Darkmoon Despoiler achievements.

For the completion of the quest, which is provided by the A Treatise on Strategy, you get 250 reputation at the Darkmoon Faire and 15 winnings. This artifact is especially rare and only drops on bosses in heroic dungeons.

The artifacts are not bound and can therefore be passed on to other characters or sold at the auction house. You should also look out for the artifacts in the auction house if the Darkmoon Island is not accessible. It is to be expected that the prices for the artifacts will rise during the event.

In addition to the artifact quests, you can complete a monthly quest for each primary and secondary profession. In order to be able to accept the quests, you need a skill of at least 75. For this, you will receive 250 reputation at the Dark Moon Faire, 5 skill points in the respective occupation, and 3 to 4 lose.

Up to 8 times you can do five daily tasks in the form of mini-examples on the darkmoon island. Since the Darkmoon Island is only accessible for 7 days, you must start your first run on the Saturday before 3 o'clock, if you want to work out the maximum amount of tickets.

How many tickets can be worked out per week

  • 40 tickets over the daily quest

  • 10 tickets for the Kill quest

  • 8 tickets by the quests for the main professions

  • 12 tickets by the quests for the side jobs

  • 15 tickets for the PvP artefacts

  • 65 tickets for the PvE artefacts

That makes 150 tickets per week. Once you can get another 5 tickets over the feeder quest from the main cities. This quest will be offered only once and will not be reset. If you have already completed the feeder quest for the old Darkmoon Faire in recent years, you will not be able to accept them again.

The two equine Darkmoon Dancing Bear, Swift Forest Strider, Darkmoon Monkey, Darkmoon Balloon, Darkmoon Cub, Darkmoon tank and Darkmoon Turtle each cost 180 tickets. In order to work out all the house and riding animals, you need to win 900 or 6 months.

Tipp: With Mists of Pandaria, a large proportion of pets are to be accounthwide. Even if it is not yet known which pets are excluded, one should consider collecting the pets with its twinks, while one concentrates with its main character on the riding animals.

Another pet can be found in the waters around the Darkmoon Island: Seepony. This pet has a relatively high drop chance and can also be fished with a low skill. It is also not necessary to fish in a swarm.

In addition to the house and riding animals, you can also purchase various fun items, heirlooms and T0 or T0.5 Look-a-likes as well as a replica of the Death Star Starter Set. Passionate collectors will still have a lot to do with the Darkmoon Faire.

The new Darkmoon Faire